Invited Talks and Guest Lectures

University of Liverpool

LGBTQ+ young people’s digital citizenship in the Asia Pacific

DigiPol Research Seminar

US-Asia Institute (USAI)

Digital Boom: Discussing the Political Climate of Southeast Asia in the Age of Social Media

Guest speaker - US-Asia Institute (USAI) Southeast Asia in Focus Webinar Series

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Zeno Malaysia

How theory predicted Donald Trump: And why this should bother you

Guest talk

International Committee of the Red Cross

Misinformation, Disinformation and Hate Speech: What Are The Consequences

Moderator - Human Matters with ICRC Facebook Live series

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King's College London

Going Global Roundtable

Panelist - Digital Humanities Speaker Series inaugural event

Association of Progressive Communication and EngageMedia

Politisation of Hate Speech

Panelist - Regional Convening: Challenging Hate Narratives in Asia

MeCCSA Postgraduate Network

Understanding the Job Market Inside and Outside Academia in the Post-Pandemic Era


Fikom UNISBA, Indonesia

The Problem with Communications in the Digital Age


IACT College Malaysia

All your memes are belong to us: Memetics, Politics and Popular Culture

Guest Lecturer - International Faculty Lecture Series

University of Huddersfield

It's feeling chilly in Malaysia: Internet-led political journalism, 'fake news' and conpiratorial publics

Centre for Participatory Culture Seminar Series

King's College London

Before ‘fake news’: Cybertroopers, the opposition playground and internet-led political journalism in Malaysia

Going Global Seminar Series

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Online disinformation in Southeast Asia

Guest Lecture

University of Nottingham Malaysia

Demystifying Cybertroopers

Guest Lecture

IACT College Malaysia

Media Convergence in Journalism

Guest Lecture

University of Tampere, Finland

Weeding the grass: Social media astroturfing in Malaysia

Tampere Research Centre for Journalism, Media and Communication (COMET) Lecture Series

Rightscon Manila

Lightning Talk - Cybertrooping

Rightscon Summit Manila, The Philippines

British High Commission in Malaysia

The Great Debate: Everything in Moderation

Panelist at the event co-organised by the Global Movement of Moderates

2013 & 2014
Monash University Malaysia

Issues in International Communication

Guest Lecture

Walter Conkrite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Social Media and Journalism

Guest talk for participants of the Conkrite Global study abroad session (in London) organised by Arizona State University’s Walter Conkrite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Conference Presentation

November 2022
TU Dublin, Ireland

'Queering' Digital Citizenship? Reflections on Research with ‘LGBTQ+’ Youth in the Asia Pacific

Association of Internet Researchers annual conference 2022 - #AoIR22

Co-presented with Dr. Amelia Johns and Dr. Paul Byron (University of Technology Sydney)

University of Liverpool

One-to-many: SMS messaging as ‘means of control’ in the digital age of Covid-19

Political Studies Association's Media and Politics Group Annual General Conference 2022

October 2019
Queensland University of Technology

Decoding the Weaponisation of Popular Culture on WhatsApp in Singapore and Malaysia

Association of Internet Researchers conference 2019 - #AoIR2019

June 2019
Facebook HQ

Decoding the Weaponisation of Popular Culture on WhatsApp in Singapore and Malaysia

Facebook Integrity Research Academic Workshop

November 2018
University of Nottingham

Clouded by euphoria: Freedom to express following the 14th Malaysian General Election

Political Studies Association’s Media and Politics Group Annual General Conference 2018

October 2018
Lugano, Switzerland

Of troops and turf: What can Malaysian cybertroopers tell us about political astroturfing disrupting democracy

ECREA 2018 – 7th European Communication Conference

September 2018
Oxford University

Of Troops and (Astro)Turf: The Malaysian Case

The Internet, Policy & Politics Conference 2018

October 2017
University of Turku

From a ‘tsunami’ of hope to the flattening of hopelessness: Mapping networked affect in Malaysia’s Bersih 2.0 movement

Affective Politics of Social Media Symposium

Co-presented with Dr Amelia Johns (Australia)

May 2017
University of Amsterdam

Faking It: Astroturfing, Twitter and Political Communication

Public Lives/Private Platform: The Politics of Twitter conference

December 2016
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Beware the AstroTurf: Why we can’t trust social media in times of crisis

Political Studies Association’s Media and Politics Group Annual General Conference

My paper received an Honourable Mention (for the doctoral students prize competition)

December 2015
Monash University Malaysia

Power of Social Ties: Twitter, Trust and Troopers

Internet in Southeast Asia Symposium