Sharing Session – Zeno Malaysia

Thanks for listening to my talk – How Theory Predicted Trump: And Why This Should Interest You. If you’re interested in some of the topics I raised, or the works of the people I mentioned, the following links might be worth exploring! You can also drop me a note via email or on various social network sites via @nikicheong, if you want to chat more. You can find me online via my website or my work profile.

The Frankfurt School knew Trump was coming, The New Yorker

Jodi Dean on Wikipedia (and her paper on “communicative capitalism“).

Henry Jenkin’s seminal work: Convergence Culture (via Wikipedia).

Radio interview on ABC Australia with Crystal Abidin on “Meme Factories” in Southeast Asia.

Stuart Hall‘s Wikipedia Page

“Aren’t These Just Young, Rich Women Doing Vain Things Online?”: Influencer Selfies as Subversive Frivolity by Crystal Abidin